Who we are

Ours is a story
of love of traditions,
passion for the land and
a respect of nature.

Our Pasta

From the heart of Emilia Romagna
comes wheat and #labuonapasta.
Pasta di Canossa: granulated
bonze-drawn pasta.


Nature has its seasons
and its timetable: we monitor
and check the entire natural
cycle of our durum wheat with
care and attention,
certifying the process.

The Pasta Factory

In its transformation into pasta,
the wheat never leaves our land,
thanks to a true 0 km
supply chain: we produce Pasta
inside our Tenuta Cuniola estate.


Quality is important
to us.
We certify our pasta and
our production cycle in
order to provide you with
an additional guarantees
on our products.


#labuonapasta effortlessly
on your table thanks to our
e-commerce service and
shipping throughout the world.


Keep abreast of our business,
not just our production
cycle, but all the news
and initiatives concerning
Pasta di Canossa.