Pasta di Canossa, the best Italian pasta

The quality of a pasta can be seen in both its substance and form.

Pasta is produced in the countryside of San Martino di Ferrara near the Tenuta Cuniola, where its sole ingredient, durum wheat, is cultivated. For over a century the Canossa family has been taking care of the fields and the factory belonging to the estate is run with enthusiasm and determination leading to outstanding farm-to-table quality.

Pasta di Canossa, the quality

Returning to the Land

Getting your hands dirty, admiring thegrowth of the ears of wheat, taking in thesmell of rain-soaked earth, respecting nature’stimetable so that the wheat maygrow without stress.


We supervise with great care the entire cicle of our pasta.

With Cycle_life we supervise with great care the entire cicle of our pasta. The whole productive process is supervised attentively and each phase is dated. We follow the “Cicle_life” of ourdurum wheat since it is only a seed: day after day, season after season, until we realize our pasta.



The main component of a healthy and tasty diet, Pasta di Canossa presents a range of products that are all bronze-drawn and have high protein value.